Why You Should Read the CAP Weekly Announcements

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post by Matt Barrett Graduate Assistant for Communications Have you ever gotten one of those “Weekly Announcement” emails from On the Go with C.A.P.?  If you’re a student, I bet you’ve gotten more than just one.  In fact, I’d be willing to say you’ve seen at least one of them per week, ever since you […]

Paint the Town! (Blue and Gold)

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Post by Matt Barrett Graduate Assistant for Communications Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Homecoming.  I described a few of the major events and made some recommendations about what you should attend.  But there was one event that I missed.  And I didn’t realize I missed it until yesterday, when I was walking past the Elliot University Center and three students […]

Why Greensboro?

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By: Matt Barrett Graduate Assistant for Communications   In second grade, I was taught how to write a story.  It was supposed to begin with: “Hi, my name is so-and-so.”  In the third grade, I was taught to forget I ever learned that.  Yet when I started writing this blog, I couldn’t help but think, […]

Richelle Oakley Presents Research at ICIS in Shanghai

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Richelle Oakley uses Facebook a lot—but she’s not wasting time.  She’s doing research for her doctoral work in Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) on how computer-mediated social networks like Facebook influence behavior.  In December, Richelle presented her research at the 2011 International Conference in Information Systems (ICIS) in Shanghai, China. “Facebook is a unique […]