One Dissertation, Three Minutes

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Student Perspective by Matt Barrett
Graduate Assistant for Communications

UNCG’s Three Minute Thesis competition is officially open for registration for PhD candidates, and if you can’t decide whether or not to take part, I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to make your decision easier.

• You can win up to $1,000
• The winner goes on to compete in New Orleans
• It’s free to enter
• You will sharpen your presentation skills and become better acquainted with your thesis
• It’s a chance to see what other graduate students are researching

• There are no cons

Now that you’ve made up your mind, click here to register.

3mtLogo If you aren’t familiar with the Three Minute Thesis, I’ll provide some history: In 2008, The University of Queensland held a competition where students had to present their thesis or dissertation in three minutes or less. After 160 students participated, universities from around the world began adopting the Three Minute Thesis as a way for students to hone their presentation skills. Last year, UNCG got on board, and after several rounds of competition, Connie Albert, a PhD candidate in Information Systems and Operations Management, was ultimately declared the winner. She went on to compete in the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools where she missed the final round by a single point.

Connie Albert

Connie Albert

Just like last year, there will be three ways to win money. First place will win $1,000; second place, $500; and a People’s Choice Winner (chosen by the audience), $250. Plus, the winner will go on to compete in New Orleans, home of this year’s Conference of Southern Graduate Schools. For more information about the conference, you can access the website here:

While it may seem intimidating to condense years of research into just three minutes, try and think of it as an opportunity to present your work to scholars from various backgrounds. Just about everyone who competes is nearing their graduation date, and the Three Minute Thesis offers each department a chance to come together and celebrate their students’ research. One of the best ways to get a sense of the competition, and to see how students present their research in just three minutes, is to watch last year’s final round:

Registration will close next Wednesday, October 15th at 5:00 pm, so be sure to sign-up now. We have room for 60 students, and we hope that each and every slot is filled. So what are you waiting for? Will you be this year’s winner?