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Post by Matt Barrett
Graduate Assistant for Communications

Foust Spring

Bicycles in the Spring abound at UNCG

I’ve noticed a trend in my writing.  As a fiction candidate, my stories often include characters with dark interior lives, and there’s always a bad twist that happens along the way.  Plus, I’ve written a few blogs about the snow and ice and freezing rain, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how it’s still cold this week—but as of this very sentence, I’ve decided to put an end to this trend and write solely about the excitement of spring on a college campus.  And there were plenty of dark things I could have written about: for instance, the fact that I posted a blog about March Madness, and then proceeded to come in 21st place in a pool that involved 24 people, after the first two rounds.  But no, I will not dwell on that because it’s officially spring…and what better time could there possibly be? (Please note: you should ignore that in previous blogs I alluded to fall, Thanksgiving, and winter break as the best times of year).  So I’ll ask it again, what better time is there than the spring?

I was looking at the UNCG website and found an article with a picture of green leaves.  It was a sight for sore eyes, so I clicked on it, and discovered there will be several environmentally-themed lectures and events open to students and the public schedule April 2 – 3.  The events schedule is shown here:  According to the article “The Think Tank” Chautauqua will be an environmental awareness/action event focused on undergraduate higher education, with contributions from the arts and humanities and will include music, poetry, and science with several noted speakers.”  Although I cannot pronounce Chautauqua (nor do I have any idea how it’s supposed to sound), I feel like this event officially means it is spring.  And while it is focused on undergraduate education, I know a lot of us in the grad school are hoping to work in a university-setting, so these lectures could greatly benefit those who will be teaching undergraduates.  I love to see environmental awareness being instilled in a young generation, and if you want more information, you can find the article here:

Reading about these events brought back memories of Earth Day, which this year, will be on Tuesday, April 22nd.  I was wondering if UNCG would do anything for Earth Day, and after two seconds of Googling, I found out that our university has been certified as a “Tree Campus” for the fifth straight year.  The Tree Campus USA program is a way to honor schools for “promoting healthy trees and engaging students and staff in the spirit of conservation.”  UNCG will hold an official presentation for this award on Earth Day, and I have suddenly become very proud of our university’s environmental record.  While this may be a bit of a tangent, Gettysburg College didn’t charge its students for paper, so every night in the library, I’d see hundreds of pages by the printer stations that students didn’t feel like claiming.  There was no incentive to print only what you needed and that produced a lot of waste.  So even though we have to pay for printing, I feel like we’re doing our part, giving a couple bucks now and then to keep a few extra trees alive.  So anyway, if you want more information on our Earth Day celebration, here it is:

If you haven’t been able to tell from my previous posts, I’m a big fan of and and any website with weather in it, and I am officially proclaiming that our last cold day is behind us.  The days are getting longer, the flowers are in bloom, and I refuse to think that winter will somehow sneak back up on us again.  It is springtime, and I am packing all of my winter clothes into a vault that cannot be opened until November.  So whether you’re ready or not, here comes the best part of the school year starting…..NOW.