Veterans find support at UNCG, a military-friendly designated university.

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“All gave some and some gave all.”

Flags for our fallen soldiers.

The UNCG community participates in the Rememberance Day National Roll Call Event.

 Post and photograph by William R. Wiener, Graduate Dean

The view on the lawn in front of the EUC brings home the level of sacrifice that our troops have endured since September 11, 2001.  The field of honor tells us that so many of our fine men and women have given the ultimate gift to ensure that we remain safe and that our freedom is preserved.  I am proud to be a part of a university that recognizes the contribution of our troops and works to provide educational opportunities for our soldiers who are returning from their tours of duty.  UNCG is recognized as a military friendly university.  What does this mean?  The university devotes itself creating a welcoming atmosphere for those who are veterans, members of the military and their families.  The Graduate School embraces this mission and is working to put into place the resources needed to advise students regarding the disciplines that best match their experiences, capabilities and skills.  As part of this effort, admissions staff regularly visits Fort Bragg and interact with military personnel to help support their vision for educational development. 

The military friendly school designation places UNCG in the top 15 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools that create opportunities for veterans, the military, and their families.  Universities selected to receive this classification provide: 1) programs and policies that support and recruit veterans, 2) support programs of financial assistance, 3) exhibit success in recruiting veterans, and 3) have an array of academic offerings that are accredited by their disciplines.  At UNCG alone, nearly 500 students are currently receiving GI Bill benefits and countless more veterans are serving as members of our faculty and staff. Many of our graduate programs at UNCG have high appeal to students and their families with military experiences.  Some of the courses are delivered face to face on campus while others are online or are hybrid courses that are more easily accessible to those in the military.  Our efforts to be military friendly fits in with a university wide consortium of academic service units that strive to serve our military audience.   The Graduate School is proud to be among those units on campus that serve our military.


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